IRA: Keep Éire Tidy
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Anonymous asked: Keeping Northern Ireland tidy would be putting a bullet into the heads of all IRA scum and their supporters.

Okay then

Tiocfaidh ár lá

Tiocfaidh ár lá

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sightofthetombs asked: I like how you publish anti as well as pro comments .ppl making jokes abt potatoes are condemned by their own mouths.Would you like to take a look at my blog: betteraskmymomma where there are a few N.I. related posts?

Thank you. I’ll be looking at that blog.

Belfast Riots 2013: “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my children may have peace.”

Belfast Riots 2013: If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my children may have peace.

(Source: irishrepublicanarmy)

Keep Éire Tidy

Keep Éire Tidy

(Source: irishrepublicanarmy)

Anonymous asked: This blog is amazing,who ever you are,thank you!❤️

Thank you

Anonymous asked: Great blog, some photos I've never seen which is nice! As an American daughter of a Belfast father, I love seeing this blog, with its spirit of hope and peace, instead of the bitterness and anger that even now draws in so many who weren't even born at pIRA ceasefire. Just nice to see history and Irish patriots recalled without hate or sectarianism. Thanks :)

Thank you very much. I couldn’t find a Tumblr IRA blog to begin with, but I assumed it would be one full of hatred and resentment. Instead I tried to create this.

mickinamerica asked: Just scrolled through your whole blog, since the beginning. Brilliantly done. Love that you're pro-republican, but realize that senseless violence (and especially violence aimed at innocents) is not the way to go. Many Irish (or Americans who are fans of the IRA) fail to see this middle ground. Keep it going, love the pictures.

Thank you very much. I’ve tried.

Anonymous asked: This blog makes me all kinds of happy.

I’m glad.

quoththeravendamnyourepoor asked: You guys aren't racists right? I'm just wondering because of the name it seems nationalist in the wrong way.

Nope not one bit. Nationalist in the sense that Ireland needs to be given back to the Irish and it stays that way. I don’t know the intentions of men who make graffiti saying “Brits out” but what says for me is get your military out of our country and let us have control of our government. Not, fuck off Brits.

Belfast Riots: KEEP ÉIRE TIDY

Belfast Riots: KEEP ÉIRE TIDY

Anonymous asked: Surely this futuristic baroque looking blog is the highlight of Irish republicanism?


ulstercybervolunteerforce asked: Taig scum

morbid-macabre asked: Goddamn a blog finally to let me feel some irish pride \m/

o-m-e-r-t-a asked: fuck you you ira piece of shite. i dont give a fuck what your views are on ireland being independent and shite like that, the ira are murderous scum who should all be fucking hung.